What is ThermaChoice Uterine Balloon Therapy ?
It is a new outpatient procedure to reduce excessive menstrual bleeding. Unlike hysterectomy, which takes out the entire uterus, the procedure just destroys the lining of the uterus by the use of heat.
What can I expect from ThermaChoice ?
In most cases, bleeding during your period will be reduced to moderate or light flow. Some women may experience spotting; a few may experience no bleeding at all. Clinical data has shown that up to 5% of patients may not respond to ThermaChoice therapy and may require additional treatment.
Am I a candidate for ThermaChoice ?
If you have excessive bleeding you are a candidate for ThermaChoice. If you still want to have children, ThermaChoice is not an option since the uterine lining is destroyed during therapy.
How does ThermaChoice work ?
First, a soft flexible balloon attached to a thin catheter (tube) is inserted into the vagina, through the cervix and placed gently into the uterus.
Then the balloon is inflated with 5% Glucose fluid which expands to fit the size and shape of uterus.
The fluid in the balloon is heated to 870 C (degrees) or 1880 F and maintained for eight minutes while the uterine lining is treated.
When the treatment cycle is complete, all the fluid is withdrawn from the balloon and the catheter is removed. Nothing stays in your uterus.
Your uterine lining has been treated and will slough off like a period in the next 7-10 days.
A New Treatment Alternative
Can I get pregnant after treatment ? This therapy should not be used if you ever want to have children. Since there is a chance pregnancy could occur, contraception or sterilization should be used after treatment.
   A new minimally invasive choice for you and your doctor to consider in the treatment of excessive menstrual bleeding. ThermaChoice has the potential to offer :
- The only U.S.A. (F.D.A.) approved fully computerised machine now available for the first time in Ahmedabad
- An alternative to hyster-ectomy or other major surgical procedures
- An outpatient procedure; no hospital stay
- Can be done without general anesthesia,
so it is very useful in patient having Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiac disease where anesthesia is risky
- A fast recovery, with a return to normal activity within one day for most patients
- Uterus is not removed, so sexual life can be enjoyed after 15 days of this therapy
- Reduced bleeding
- Possible to claim medical insurance

Talk with your doctor if you have specific questions about ThermaChoice and about your options to treat excessive bleeding or contact
Dr Archana Shah.