About Us
Lack of systematic sex education leads to a number of misunderstandings regarding male & female sex problems. Luckily, the benefit of correct guidance and diagnosis of qualified Sexologist Dr Paras Shah has become available through internet. Through exclusive sexual medicinclusive sexual medicine, Dr Shah provide Shah provides his top quality services in the fields of sex, sexuality and health.


At present, Dr Paras Shah is Chief Sexologist of Gujarat Research & Medical Institute (Rajasthan Hospital) & Director of Sannidhya Institute & Research Center for Sex, Sexuality and Health.He is the worthy son of eminent surgeon Dr K K Shah whose successful career has been in existence for decades in Ahmedabad.
Dr. Paras Shah himself holds the well known degree of American Board of Sexology. He is the only Doctor from whole Gujarat and youngest of our country who has been our country who has been awarded Fellow of the American Academy of Clinical Sexologist by the Board of Presidents of the Academy, Washington DC.

He has rich experience in Bombay's Seth G S medical college and K.E.M. hospital's Sexual Medicine Department. Dr Shah has also worked as colleague of world famous Sexologist Dr Prakash Kothari.

The Sannidhya Institute and research centre is fully equipped with modern medicinal machines. Various kinds of services are available with totally scientific approach. The subjects covered for pre-marital & marital Kamsamvad:
      » Penis-Length-Width/Curvature 
      » Masturbation
      » Semen - Quantity/With Urine/Stool
      » Night Discharge
      » Sexual Interplay  Interplay 
      » Oral Sex 
      » Organic/Psychological Impotence 
      » Male/Female Multiple Orgasm 
      » Sexual Positions
      » Sex After 50
      » Sex With Same Sexuality 
      » Use of Condom in Male & Female 
      » Family Planning
      » Hormones/Sex Tonic 
      » Celibacy
      » Towards Healthy Sexuality
      » Miscellaneous
      » Complete Counseling of ial Complete Counseling of Proposed Couple 


      » RigiScan Plus Examination
      » Penile Blood Study by Doppler 
      » Functional Evaluation of Penile Arteries with ICIVAD 
      » Evaluation of Penile Nerves by Biosthesiometry 
      » PBI 
      » Complete Premarital Check of Proposed Couple