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Monday 31 August, 2009

We are plagued by total ignorance: Dr. Paras Shah

Sexuality is a subject, which concerns us all but, is more often than not pushed under a carpet. Sexual myths, problems and queries which might be of a healthy nature find no takers except quacks advertising their trade through garish pamphlets and boards.

We bring you an interview of Dr Paras Shah who is an authority on sexual matters; he is Hon. Chief Consultant Sexologist and Infertility specialist at Rajasthan Hospital, SAL Hospital, Shalby Hospital, Ahmedabad. He is responsible for launching India’s first medical web site,, providing free answer to sexual problem within 72 hours. In an interview with Speakbindas, he makes some startling disclosures on the sensitive subject.

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Saturday, March 11, 2000


"Guidance on the problems would be given within 72 hours free of cost", according to Dr. Shah, who is consultant sexologistonsultant sexologist, Rajasthan Hospital.

This could be a healthier diversion for all those teenagers who would rather spend their money on those sex-ISD calls. Here is a sastha, tikavu way to know it all. The FAQ section itself is enough. The pity is this scientific literature could thin out for those man-to-man, father-to-son, uncle-to-nephew intensive talks! The cold comfort of the Net would kill as wannabe Mahesh Bhatt. Oh, Rambling Rose, where art thou!.


Friday, December 10, 1999

Website for sexual problems
COUNTRY'S first website providing free medical advice on sex problem was launched here on Tuesday. Dr. Paras Shah who conceived the site, justified the name of the website, "To avoid confusion between pornography and scientific guidance, this name has been given to the site."

"This site has been launched today as to mark the "AIDS Week" which is currently being celebrated,"he said.

"Guidance on the problems would be given within 72 hours free of cost," said Dr. Shah, a sexologist and head of the Sannidhya Institute and Research Centre.

The site has a number of 'Frequently Asked Questions' and their answers.

The site also gives information about 'RigiScan' which is an instrument that verifies if the cause of impotency is psychological or organic.

The 'Ask me' section enables the visitor to s the visitor to ask specific questions. Here they can type in their problems and leave their e-mail addresses for the doctor to answer.



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